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15-04-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueHome12:0011 - 16LNo View
15-04-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueHome14:002 - 17LNo View
06-05-2012Oldham NorthstarsLeagueAway12:006 - 13WNo View
06-05-2012Oldham NorthstarsLeagueAway14:002 - 17WNo View
08-05-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueHome12:0019 - 9WNo View
08-05-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueHome15:007 - 11LNo View
13-05-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueAway12:007 - 4LNo View
13-05-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueAway14:007 - 6LNo View
20-05-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueAway12:003 - 15WNo View
20-05-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueAway14:004 - 15WNo View
27-05-2012Manchester TorrentLeagueHome12:0026 - 5WNo View
27-05-2012Manchester TorrentLeagueHome14:0013 - 11WNo View
10-06-2012Newton Aycliffe SpartansLeagueAway12:006 - 19WNo View
10-06-2012Newton Aycliffe SpartansLeagueAway14:004 - 17WNo View
24-06-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueAway12:0010 - 8LNo View
24-06-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueAway14:003 - 15WNo View
01-07-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueHome12:000 - 0 No View
01-07-2012Hull ScorpionsLeagueHome14:000 - 0 No View
15-07-2012Manchester TorrentLeagueAway12:000 - 0 No View
15-07-2012Manchester TorrentLeagueAway14:000 - 0 No View
22-07-2012Newton Aycliffe SpartansLeagueHome12:000 - 0 No View
22-07-2012Newton Aycliffe SpartansLeagueHome14:000 - 0 No View
29-07-2012Oldham NorthstarsLeagueAway12:000 - 0 No View
29-07-2012Oldham NorthstarsLeagueAway14:000 - 0 No View
05-08-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueHome12:000 - 0 No View
05-08-2012Sheffield BladerunnersLeagueHome14:000 - 0 No View